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garden structures and vertical accents

Garden Structures: Gazebos, Fences, Arbors and Greenhouses

Garden structures are everywhere! With skill, desire, and a good set of plans you can enjoy building an outdoor structure yourself. For convenience and a little more money you can buy a prefabricated structure or kit that includes pre-cut pieces, panels and hardware, and is not too difficult to assemble.

Another option is to hire a contractor to work with the garden building's design plans; or have a professional builder assemble the kit: it's up to you.

However, keep in mind that building a garden structure is serious business and some projects, such as building a storage shed or gazebo, may require a permit. Working with a professional builder who knows your local building codes or taking your blueprint to your town's building department before building, is essential.

Favorite Garden and Outdoor Structures:

If you are looking to build any one of the above mentioned outdoor structures, be sure to browse our pages first for recommendations, information and tips. Since the desire to build a playhouse in the backyard is quite different from the interest in constructing a greenhouse; our pages meet you with your specific structural interest.

If you don't have a specific structural interest but would like to improve your garden's appearance or décor, consider adding a decorative structure such as a garden arbor, trellis or gazebo. For privacy, and to keep animals and young children on the property, consider putting up an attractive aluminum fence.

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